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Always Carry Perfect Change

People pay with cash less and less these days, particularly with change. Transactions under about twenty dollars are sometimes worth paying in cash to me. Because the finality of the transaction is so nice sometimes. Additionally, small local businesses prefer cash because it's harder to absorb the merchant fee.

I often just hand over the most efficient bank note and put the change in a container for a future CoinStar trip. But paying for small transactions in cash, and having the perfect change to do so can be very satisfying. There's no detritus left over from the transaction and you don't have to reimburse a middle-man (credit card issuer) at some point in the future. It's so final.

The problem with carrying around coins is the weight and fiddly nature of them when trying to rush through the transaction. Luckily there is a way to have the minimum amount of coins that can still pay for any amount between 1 and 99 cents. That way you carry the least amount of weight and have to pilfer through the fewest amount as well.

Perfect change consists of

  • 3 quarters
  • 1 dime
  • 2 nickels
  • 4 pennies