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West Hollywood, CA 90048
United States of America

Graphic and fashion designer.


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New Project: Natural Soaps for Men


I am passionate about using natural products that don't contribute to the solution of the ocean so I decided to start making my own soap. This soap is made from five or so ingredients and works far better than mass produced soap because it doesn't dehydrate your skin.

Much of the natural soap world exists in farmer's markets or health food stores and typically caters more to women than men with fancy colors and designs. I set out to produce soap that keeps a minimal style to match the small ingredients list while catering to either unisex and male customers. Nothing overly crafty but just great scents in great soap.

Check it out now at

Password Shaming


Geting fed up with the idiosyncrasies of each different website's password requirements, I have decided to out them as being bad practitioners of User Experience and system architects.

I present the Password Shaming blog on

You are welcome to submit examples in the same format as the current posts.