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Dropbox's Curious Board Addition


Dropbox recently added Condoleeza Rice to their board of advisors, a person who advocated for NSA spying during her tenure. John Gruber said it best: tone deaf.

While bringing on anyone political will always rile somebody, the real issue at hand is her actions during the Bush administration for increased spying and the passing of the Patriot Act. This decision seems akin to brining a leader of the KKK onto the board of NAACP because he has good business experience.

If they had any good sense of the sensitivity of NSA with their (predominantly tech-saavy) customers they would have known any leadership gains would be completely offset by ill will and losing market share. This is evident by their clarification of their decision and the negative responses in the comments.

While some people are dramatically fleeing to Microsoft's OneDrive or Google Drive, this is really out of the pan and into the fire since the former is famously a pushover to NSA demands while the latter is nearly a Big Brother in it's own right.

The only good alternative is Mega because it is the only service we are assured has absolute end-to-end encryption. I'll be officially moving away from Dropbox using a combination of Mega and BitTorrent Sync.