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How to Register Third-Level .name Domain


Many people don't realize that top-level domains (TLDs) work in unusual ways or have certain restrictions. For instance, the .tel TLD does not actually point to a website but lists your personal information in some weird DNS database. ICANN must pass around joints when they come up with this stuff.

Another more practical one is the .name TLD which supports third-level registration as in and this very website, whereas second-level registration is just what we consider normal domain registration.

The problem is that very few support third-level registration. In fact, it is so difficult and frustrating that I'm writing about my experience for reference.

A good place to start is a page by someone who compiled who does and doesn't offer third-level registration.

I can offer some additional advice about certain registrars I tried to use:

Enom is staffed by rude customer service agents who don't know third-level registration exists despite supposedly supporting it although the website throws errors when you try. I tried contacting phone and Twitter support but both had no idea what I was talking about. After Enom, the list of remaining registrars is pretty dreadful.

I tried Hexonet next and went so far as to create an account (which seemed to be required before getting too far into the process) but soon discovered I had to jump through hoops to be allowed to pay them online including calling for authorization to be allowed to use a credit card. Welcome to 1995, Hexonet. I'm not a circus animal.

The only other option that seemed reasonable or US-based is the generically named Domain Processor. While the website is the the most prehistoric of the lot it works. Their services are also reasonably priced at $20 per year and they include email forwarding using without you having to register 

Although the DNS configuration leaves something to be desired, after setting it and forgetting it, I'm satisfied.

Registering a third-level .name TLD is an ordeal until you find a proper registrar but in my opinion it is worth it since it is more semantic and the intended reason why .name was created.