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iOS Lock Screen Controls Spacing


A plead to Apple to make the lock screen controls consistent with the Music app.


As some people may or may not know, double pressing the home icon on iOS devices brings up the lock screen music controls. This is a fantastic shortcut that would otherwise make listening to music an ordeal on iOS.

This conveniece, however, is nearly moot because the spacing between the controls is different on the lock screen as it is in the Music app. This results in accidentally pressing the skip or next control when you intend to pause nearly three quarters of the time. God help you if you are intoxicated or have sausage fingers.

Assuming the touch sensitive areas are adjacent and occupy 50 per cent of the space between the others (which is not the case in the Music app), having the lock screen controls nearly 75 per centsmaller than the Music app controls is a huge disadvantage. On the lock screen, however, it seems the touch sensitive area is actually closer to being 50/50 of the space between controls. This means if you are one pixel awry you end up hitting the wrong control.

It is not clear whether the lock screen spacing is due to a design decision or what the thought process is but one thing that is clear is usability has not been considered.

Apple, please make the lock screen controls the same spacing as they are in the Music app!


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