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Graphic and fashion designer.


Block Ads In Evernote For Mac


Clever user kaz219 figured out how to stop the distracting ads in the Evernote app (included here for archival purposes):

  1. Make sure Evernote is not running.
  2. Go to 
    /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Evernote/promos/
  3. Remove all the images (leave stats.plist)
  4. Select promos and press command-I
  5. At the bottom, under "sharing & permissions", set all privileges to "read only" and click on the small lock at the bottom right

Ed. note: I would gladly support Evernote by upgrading to Premium if it offered a value and their apps and website didn't have such antiquated UIs. As it is, Premium has no compelling features and they need to fire their designers.